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1917: Attorney Anna Moscowitz

From a 1917 issue of The American Magazine:


A Woman Lawyer Who Has Made Good

The winter sun was creeping over the housetops as the steamer bearing a group of emigrants from Europe passed slowly through New York Harbor. One family in particular, the Moscowitz group, stared with frightened and bewildered eyes at this new and strange land they were about to enter. Cakes of ice beat against the side of the steamer, grinding and crashing and making fearful noises. The sight of those buildings so near to them, the large mass of roofs, was terrifying. In Russia, one could see for miles around. Here everything was shut off.

Suddenly, Anna Moscowitz, a baby of two years, opened her eyes, and looking at the new country from her mother’s arms crowed delightedly and stretched out her arms as if to gather it in. And she has fulfilled the unconscious prediction she made that winter day.

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