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1917: Hotelier E.M. Statler


From a 1917 issue of The American Magazine:

A Great Salesman of Service

The romantic story of a wonderful hotel man — together with some of the wisdom he has picked up in his study of human nature

by Merle Crowell

Detroit was celebrating the formal opening of its new four-million-dollar hotel. At the east end of the grand ballroom a group of guests had gathered about one man. Clad in a plain business suit, he looked strangely out of place in that crowd of gayly gowned women and white-fronted men.

Suddenly he broke off in the middle of a sentence, dodged past a squad of dancers chatting on the side lines and knelt before a splash of candle grease on the floor. When he had scraped the spot clean he stepped quietly back.

“Some lady might have slipped on it,” he said, as he resumed the interrupted conversation.

A half-dozen couples had stopped to stare. “Who was that?” a flushed debutante asked her partner.

“Who?” he echoed. “That was Statler himself.”

“How odd! Why didn’t he send for a boy?’

“Wait for a boy?” the man returned. “My dear, you don’t know Statler.”

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